Some of Houston PolyTank’s customers need plastic troughs to convey materials from one area to another. These plastic troughs are corrosion and chemical resistant, which means they are ideal for mining operations and water or wastewater treatment plants. For example, a mine might need to move earth, stones, or other materials to a grinding area while a wastewater treatment plant might need to move liquid as a part of the purification process that needs to be mixed with a cleansing agent before the water is returned to a healthy aquatic system.

Plastic Trough

Just as with the plastic pipes that Houston PolyTank sells, the diameter of these plastic troughs can be developed from cylinders with a diameter as small as 26 inches all the way up to 156 inches (or 13 feet) wide.

One of the reasons customers appreciate these polyethylene or polypropylene plastic troughs is that although these Houston PolyTank troughs are extremely sturdy, they still have the potential to be very lightweight with a relativity smooth inner surface. And they are sturdy enough for abrasive materials. The thickness of the trough material can be adjusted in increments of 1/4 inch, all the way up to 6 inches if necessary and the trough material comes in 20 or 40 foot lengths.

Plastic Trough Connectors

If needed, 45° and 90° joints can also be built, and are constructed out of the same materials. In addition, there are many ways to connect these plastic troughs. They can be welded together, bolted together with flanges or be connected via a more traditional ‘bell and spigot’ method.

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