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As the U.S. manufacturer of large extrusion wound tanks, Houston Polytank is committed to crafting industry-leading tanks that meet clients’ specifications. We rely on flexible processes for our customers and we offer products in a range of sizes and styles that are designed to accommodate a variety of uses, industries, and tank designs.

Each of our high-performance tanks meets the stringent German DVS 2205 Standard, and every tank can be made with high-density linear polyethylene or polypropylene materials.

At Houston PolyTank, we prioritize offering our clients high-quality products that are different from the competition and include the following benefits:

  • Longer lasting
  • Improved structural stability
  • No bulging/elephant feet
  • No need for repainting or replacements
  • Capable of riding sulfuric acid from 98% holding temps <180 °F
  • Easy to make repairs or modify tanks post-production
  • Tanks are repairable
  • Polypropylene tanks for chemicals up to 180 °F

What Makes Our Products Great

Many of our clients report tank failure due to bulging in thin-walled, roto-molded tanks. When these competitor tanks fail to meet their needs, our customers turn to us to help.

We solve problems like these with our industry-leading tanks, which are:

  • Structurally Sound: Our tanks are the high-performance alternative to traditional carbon and stainless steel, fiberglass, and roto-molded plastic tanks.
  • Low Maintenance: Our tanks are essentially maintenance-free; no need to sandblast or repaint because tanks are colored by an additive to the plastic.
  • Long Lasting: Our tanks have walls up to three inches thick; they don’t buckle, bulge, oxidize, or corrode like other tanks.
  • The Ideal Solution for Challenging Applications: Our tanks are the perfect solution for storing even the strongest and hardest-to-contain chemicals; our clients use our tanks to store sulfuric acid, sodium hypochlorite, nitric acid, and hydrochloric acid.
  • Tanks Are Perfect As Reactor & Process Applications

Our team manufactures to the highest of standards. Our tanks are available in high-density linear polyethylene and polypropylene models. We always work with:

  • FDA approved materials
  • Certified Welders of Thermoplastic Welding
  • A rigorous quality control process (we monitor and document QC requirements throughout the manufacturing process)
  • A mandatory 24-hour hydro test to ensure integrity
  • Further air tests upon client request

Versatile, High-Quality Products

At Houston PolyTank, we manufacture large-volume polyethylene and polypropylene tanks, silos, pipe, and ductwork.


Our tanks are made by extruding polyethylene or polypropylene around a drum mold. Tanks range from 50 gallons to 50,000 gallons in capacity and are ready for installation immediately. 

Pipes and Ductwork

Our manufacturing capabilities don’t just allow us to create large-volume tanks. We’re also a proud supplier of high quality, thick-walled pipes. You can ask a customer service representative for more information about our pipe and ductwork offerings. 


We use unique manufacturing methodologies. These practices allow us to offer our customers a broad range of accessories. We stock a wider range of options than most other plastic tank manufacturers.

Houston Polytank: Your Source For Large-Volume Tanks

Houston PolyTank, LLC formed in 2010 to introduce the extrusion wound plastic tanks to the United States market. The company formed a partnership between a steel manufacturing company, J.L. Houston. The manufacturing plant was built from the bottom up in Hopkins, Missouri. Six months later, we started production of the extrusion wound plastic tanks.

Today, the company doubled the number of original molds and has the capability of manufacturing 50 to 50,000 gallon plastic tanks. Houston PolyTank has customers all around the U.S. and Canada, and our tanks are installed and operating from Long Island in the East Coast to Southern California in the West and Alaska.

To learn more about our tank, pipe, ductwork, and accessory offerings, contact us today. You can also request a free quote for an upcoming project.

Meet Our Specialist

Ron Houston- President

Ron Elkana- CEO

Michelle Welch- Account Manager

Chris Moellenberndt- Shop Manager

Daniel David- Draftsman


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