German Engineered. American Made.

Manufactured in Europe for over 25 years, extrusion wound  tanks are made with polyethylene or polypropylene and provide the most flexible options for accessorizing.  This makes the tanks most useful for a wide variety of applications.

Perfect for Challenging Solutions

Our tanks are the perfect solution for storing even the strongest, hardest-to-contain chemical like sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, nitric acid and sodium hypochlorite.

Structurally Sound

Our tanks are the high performance alternative to Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Fiberglass and Rotationally Molded plastic tanks.

Longer Lasting

With wall thicknesses up to 6 inches thick, these sturdy tanks don’t bulge, buckle, oxidize, or corrode as other tanks can.

Virtually Maintenance Free

Because the tank color is an additive to the plastic itself, there is never a need to sand blast or repaint.

7,000 GAL PE Sodium Hypochlorite Tank with Ladder

Customers turn to us when they are tired of other tanks that don’t meet their needs and fail due to bulging in thin-walled, roto-molded tanks.

Pipes & Ductwork

Our manufacturing capabilities also allow us to be a great supplier of thick-walled pipes.


Because of our unique manufacturing methodologies, we are able to offer a wider range of options than many other plastic tank manufacturers.  Click to learn more.

Versatile, High Quality Products

Houston PolyTank manufactures large volume polyethylene and polypropylene tanks, silos, pipe, and ductwork.  Tanks are made by extruding polyethylene or polypropylene around a drum mold and range from 50 gallon to 50,000 gallon in capacity, ready for installation.

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Held to a Higher Standard

Houston PolyTank is the sole manufacturer of large extrusion wound tanks in the United States. These high performance tanks meet the more stringent German DVS 2205 Standard and can be made with high density linear polyethylene or polypropylene materials.

  • FDA approved  materials
  • Certified Welders of Themoplastic Welding
  • Rigorous Quality Control process that monitors and documents QC requirements throughout the manufacturing process
  • Mandatory 24-hour hydro test
  • Air tests available upon request
Tanks hold up to 50,000 gallons
HDPE tank temps up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit
Polypropylene tank temps up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit


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Are you tired of replacing thin-walled plastic tanks that crack and fail due to repeated expansion and contraction? Are you frustrated with the internal corrosion that can occur in steel tanks? Trust your storage needs to Houston PolyTank, where you get long-lasting storage solutions with the right technologies custom-engineered just for you.

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