Plastic Pipes

Thick Rigid Plastic Pipes Hold Up to Rigorous Use

In addition to manufacturing exceptional cylindrical tanks and rectangular tanks, Houston PolyTank can make extrusion-wound plastic pipes in a wide range of diameters, colors, sizes or thicknesses. Some customers need very large diameter pipes, while others need smaller, sturdier, thicker-walled pipes.

Plastic Pipes in Any Standard Dimension Ratio You Need

Houston PolyTank works with customers to develop exactly what they need. One need that is particularly important to engineers is that Houston PolyTank can make these plastic pipes to any SDR (standard dimension ratio) necessary. SDR is the ratio of the outer pipe dimension (OD) divided by the thickness of the wall of the pipe. While Houston PolyTank can produce standard SDR 11 (which is the most common), they can accommodate almost any SDR needed.

These pipes are manufactured using the same innovative process as our high-quality tanks and can come in a wide range of sizes.  Plastic pipes made by Houston PolyTank would have the largest inner dimension (ID) at 13 feet (or 156 inches) while the smallest would be 26 inches. The pipe thickness can be manufactured from ¼” to 6 inches with increments of ¼” thick.

Other Potential Features of These Plastic Pipes

Sometimes, access to the inside of the pipe is very important.  To accommodate for this, Houston PolyTank offers the option to add a manway for easy access at any point along the plastic pipes.  If you’d like to see pictures of these and other accessories, check out our Accessories page.

Turns and Elbow Joints

If needed, 45° and 90° joints can also be built, and are constructed out of the same materials.  These can be connected by either welded together, bolted together with flanges or be connected via a more traditional ‘bell and spigot’ method.

The process we use to create our innovative tanks can also be used for manufacturing rigid, high quality extrusion plastic pipes and duct work. Sizes from 24” to 13.2’ ID with full wall thickness from ½” to 5” thick.  Pipe will come in 20’ length and can be connected by either flange adaptors or welded.


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If you need troughs to carry materials from one area to another, you may want to specify our troughs.

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